Associate Membership: Charter School Authorizer

MACS Charter School Authorizer Membership is open to all organizations in Minnesota that authorize charter schools.

By joining as a MACS– Charter School Authorizer Associate Member, your organization becomes an active part of a professional association committed to promoting innovation, quality, choice, and accountability in public education by promoting charter schools in Minnesota. MACS addresses these goals through advocacy, information, resources, and support, and it is through these efforts that the value of membership is seen.



Authorizers value their membership in MACS because it provides their organization the opportunity to:

  • Participate in task forces and work groups of the Association
  • Attend MACS-sponsored workshops, training programs, and conferences at Authorizer Associate Member rates
  • Support the advocacy efforts MACS conducts on behalf of all charter schools at the state and national level
  • Stay informed on public policy issues through policy forums, teleconferences, webinars, etc.
  • Post events or trainings for charter schools and your organization’s charter liaison career openings on the MACS website



To join as a Charter School Authorizer Member, just fill out and return the following to our office:

  • An Associate Member – Charter School Authorizer Application Form (see below) and
  • A check for the appropriate dues amount

Authorizer Membership Dues:

Authorizer Membership is for twelve months from the month in which your organization joins. Authorizer dues are based upon the number of schools currently authorized:

  • The base fee for all authorizers is $250
  • There is a $50 fee per school authorized for each additional school authorized beyond the initial school.

Thus, an authorizer with oversight of 5 schools would pay $450: $250 for the base fee and first school and $50 x the 4 additional schools authorized.


For further information on Authorizer Membership:
Contact our office at 651.789.3090.


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