All Members WELCOME to Participate!

As a membership organization, the Association depends on individuals from member institutions, as well as individual members, to take an active role in the work of the Association.

To facilitate that work, the Board of Directors establishes Committees. Every Committeee is given a written charge for the scope of their project or work. Every committee is composed of volunteers who contribute their time, skills and experience. Committees conduct their work through live, video and teleconference meetings depending on the project the group has been charged to undertake.

To volunteer to service on a Committee, contact Maggie Sullivan, Administrative Assistant.



  • Government Affairs Committee Thumb Image Government Affairs Committee Thumb Image
  • Government Affairs Committee

    The mission of the MACS Government Affairs Committee is to promote the adoption of legislation that promotes public school choice, enhances the effective operation, and assures the quality and accountability of charter schools in Minnesota. Click here for more information about the MACS Government Affairs Committee. Associate members or member-school board or staff interested in serving on any open seats on the MACS Government Affairs Committee, please complete and submit the Interest Form bel...

  • Relicensure Committee Thumb Image Relicensure Committee Thumb Image
  • Relicensure Committee

    The MACS Relicensure Committee meets 4-5 times a year to review applications for relicensure for current and retired MACS member charter school educators – including teachers, administrators and related service professionals. Much like a district-wide relicensure committee, the charter school relicensure committee is certified to review and endorse relicensure requests from charter school educators working for MACS member schools. The committee also reviews and makes recommendations to th...

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