School (Voting) Membership

Full membership with voting rights is open to all operating Minnesota public charter schools.

By joining as a MACS School Member, your school becomes an active part of a professional association committed to promoting innovation, quality, choice, and accountability in public education by promoting charter schools in Minnesota. MACS addresses these goals through advocacy, information, resources, and support.



Testimonials from member schools on the value and benefits of school membership:

“MACS is the go-to place. When I have a charter school related question, they have the answer or will find the answer.”

“MACS is the authoritative charter voice at the Capitol, throughout the State of Minnesota and in our communities.”

"Being a member of an organization like MACS with a common purpose and goals reminds us all of the importance of being innovative charter school leaders."

To learn about the benefits of MACS membership and why other schools are members of the Association, check out the benefits information sheet below.



To join or renew as a school member, just fill out and return the following to our office:

  • a School Membership Application form (request your individualized form from our office by emailing Rebecca at
  • dues check for the appropriate amount (if you are paying in full), or
  • ACH form (if you are choosing the automatic monthly withdrawals – download the form below)

There are two membership periods: (July 1st – June 31st) or (January 1st – December 31st).

2013-2014 Membership Dues are:

  • A base fee of $750, plus
  • $23.50 per pupil fee based on MDE Oct. 1, 2012 childcount

(min. membership dues are $2,742; maximum membership dues are $7,026)

*School Membership Application Forms are individualized based on student enrollment - please request a copy from our office.

For Further Information on School Membership:
Contact our office at 651.789.3090.


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