Hmong Curriculum & Instruction Specialist

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    • Noble Academy
      9477 Decatur Drive North
      Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

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      Teresa Her
      HR Specialist

      Phone: 763-592-7706
      Fax: 763-592-7707

  • To apply for this job, please contact the person above directly.

Job Description

To create an educational program, classroom and building environment that is Multicultural/Gender/Ability Fair, is favorable to learning and growth, and is based on a commitment that all children can learn.

REPORTS TO: Superintendent

• Knowledge of Hmong literacy
• Knowledge of Hmong culture and heritage
• Knowledge with curriculum planning
• Considerable ability to follow through in a timely manner
• Considerable knowledge of and ability to perform classroom management skills, practices and relationship building
• Excellent communication skills and ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing to members of the public, the community, the staff, the students, and the administration
• Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to deal with a variety of personality types and dispositions in numerous circumstances while maintaining a controlled, tactful, respectful, professional manner
• Excellent team player skills with positive attitude
• Ability to maintain a calm presence in an emergency
• Ability to think clearly in any situation, determine priorities, and handle multiple tasks
• Ability to make appropriate decisions quickly
• Ability to show initiative in problem solving and team goal achievements

• Responsible for developing curriculum
• Responsible for developing and training staff
• Acquires knowledge of the school’s academic programs and expectations/goals; works to support and achieve those goals
• Establishes developmentally appropriate instructional behavioral expectations for self and students; communicates them to students and their families
• Creates lessons and learning environments that are safe, respectful and interesting as well as Multicultural/Gender/Ability Fair; selects, adapts and individualizes materials appropriate for diverse student populations and skills
• Teaches students the required curricula using strategies that foster thinking, reasoning and problem solving
• Collaborates and communicates regularly with families in making educational decisions and uses family and community resources to support learning
• Assesses student developmental, cognitive, and social needs, and provides developmentally appropriate instruction to meet those needs
• Regularly assesses student learning by using multiple forms of assessment
• Facilitates positive interactions between students and teacher, student and peers, and student and other adults
• Models learning and behaviors consistent with the expectations for students
• Assesses own instructional effectiveness through the Professional Development Process (PDP)
• Participates in ongoing and regular staff, team and individual professional development
• Collaborates with peers to develop, plan and implement best practices based on the needs/abilities of the students
• Participates in site-based management and shared decision-making
• Always keeps the students’ needs and rights first and foremost in any educational decision-making
• Demonstrates competence in the school’s standards of effective instruction
• Tracks student attendance and maintains records for school administration and records behavior problems and discipline actions
• Has a working knowledge of and implements the Minnesota State Standards
• Participates in all school/family events beyond the school day
• Develops guidelines for safety and the school day classroom behavior; ensures students follow them
• Organizes desks, bulletin boards, classroom materials, computer stations and other classroom displays as directed by the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent
• Teaches subjects to students, tracks assignments, grades tests, and assigns homework regularly
• Maintains consistencies in instructional programs and other academic decisions made by shared leadership of the staff and the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent
• Follows other duties as assigned by the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent


Education: A degree in Curriculum and Instruction
Teaching experience preferred

Experience: A minimum of at least 3 years of prior experience working in an urban, multicultural
k-12 educational setting

Skills: Must be able to speak, read, and write Hmong fluently

Application Instructions/Comments

Interested candidates should download and complete Noble Academy’s employment application from and submit it with a cover letter, resume and three letters of recommendation to

Please note that all employees are expected to understand their role as stated herein and understand that this list is not inclusive. All staff must follow through with responsibilities knowing that sometimes they will have to perform tasks assigned by the Superintendent and/or Deputy Superintendent that are not part of their job descriptions. Responsibilities are subject to change with or without notice.

Noble Academy is an equal opportunity employer. Employment consideration is made without regard to race, color, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability marital or veteran status, sexual orientation or any other legally protected statuses.

  • To apply for this job, please contact the person above directly.