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Job Description

Venture Academy is seeking a Head of School (CEO) to lead the school into the next decade!

Venture Academy seeks a skilled leader and educator to serve as the next Head of School (CEO). The Head of School will report directly to the Board of Trustees and will be responsible for all school operations, including the fulfillment of the school vision and mission while building a positive school culture for all students. The Head of School will be responsible for overseeing school finances, recruitment, evaluation, support, training and mentoring of all faculty and staff; recruitment and retention of families, the academic and social learning program, curriculum development, and efforts to increase awareness and visibility of the school in the community.

Head of School Responsibilities:
• Report to the board
• Accountable for school performance
• Manage and coach the entire staff
• Provide focus and alignment to schoolwide goals
• Address parent concerns
• Lead whole staff and school communications and collaboration
• Oversee Special Education
• Oversee Mentorship
• Manage school culture
• Member of School Improvement Team (SIT)
• Member/leader of other leadership teams within the school
• Oversee and lead professional development
• Coach and monitor mentorship implementation

Student Services Focused Duties:
• Support Dean of Students and Compass Room Teacher
• Crisis prevention and intervention (CPI) trained
• Manage all student or school safety crisis situations
• Monitor overall health and safety of the building
• Collaborate with the team with regards to behavior, culture and student needs
• Collaborate with Dean of Students regarding discipline decisions
• Make final suspension and expulsion decisions

Collaboration with External Lead:
• Authorizer relationship
• Finance
• Board Governance


Minimum Qualifications
• Bachelor’s Degree in Education or a closely related field
Preferred Qualifications
• Successful experience as a principal, principal intern, assistant principal, or teacher leader, preferably in an urban school
• Exceptional results with raising student achievement
• Experience transforming a team or organizational unit
• Multilingual
Mindsets and Dispositions:
• A deep belief that all students can and will excel academically
• Initiative, persistence, and drive to go above and beyond
• Resilience in the face of challenges and an orientation toward solutions
• High expectations for self and others
• Drive to continuously improve, commitment to using data, and openness to feedback
• Confidence to lead with humility, authenticity, and personal responsibility
Knowledge of:
• Student and school performance data
• Best practices in management and leadership (e.g., effective systems and processes to develop human capital in support of student learning, theories about leading change, etc.)
• Best practices in curriculum, instruction, and assessment, including for special student populations (e.g., English learners, students who receive special education services, and students who are advanced, off track, etc.)
• Principles and practices of administrative management, including strategic planning, budgeting, and contract management
• Legal, ethical and professional rules of conduct
Skill in:
• Creating and executing a school strategic plan
• Effectively managing resources and prioritizing tasks and projects to achieve goals (including planning, organizing and coordinating work of assigned staff members)
• Taking action independently without day-to-day direction and despite ambiguity, obstacles, and/or resistance
• Continuously evaluating efforts, owning missteps, and taking corrective action when necessary
• Building relationships and communicating effectively with many different stakeholders (e.g., students, families, staff members and the broader community), verbally and in writing
• Operating a personal computer utilizing standard and specialized software
• Ability to learn Minnesota Charter School Laws

Institution Description

Venture Academy was founded in 2011with a shared belief that in the heart, mind, and soul of every young person is a genius waiting to be discovered, a passion and purpose waiting to be found. Venture Academy implements a personalized learning model that closes the vast college and career-readiness gap that confronts economically disadvantaged youth in the Twin Cities.

Since opening our doors in August 2013, we are helping grow the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders, self-propelled students who know how to imagine new opportunities, take initiative and risks, and solve problems. We call our students trailblazers, and we’re guiding their personalized learning pathways with real-time data generated by digital tools, input from teachers (learning coaches), and self-reflections.

A trailblazer’s day includes digital learning, enrichment in the arts and sciences including a growing Makerspace. Trailblazers participate in responsive small group coaching in literacy and math. Advanced literacy pervades all core and enrichment classes through discussion, presentation, and evidence-based writing.

As Venture expands to serve students in grades 6-12, our personalized, non-classroom-based learning model will intentionally facilitate and encourage student participation in PSEO, internships, apprenticeships and other off-site learning experiences as integral components of the regular school day.

Application Instructions/Comments

Submit your resume and cover letter for consideration.

  • To apply for this job, please contact the person above directly.