Freedom Academy Charter School

  • General Phone Number:

  • (612) 361-6600

  • Location Type:

  • School

  • Grades Served:

  • K-5

  • Enrollment #:

  • 54

  • District #:

  • 4216

Programmatic Focus
Freedom Academy is a start-up charter school located in North Minneapolis with an anticipated enrollment of 120 K-2 students in the 2015-2016 school year. The school is provides early learners with a solid foundation for future learning through proven research-based innovations. Freedom Academy believes in a holistic approach to education that addresses a variety of often overlooked factors, including auditory function, kinesthetics, and inner character as key components that prepare students for future success in academics and life. Freedom Academy is also an all year extended day program serving kids both breakfast and lunch during four 11-week quarters and about 52 instruction days per quarter. Between each quarter is a 2-week break.

Freedom Academy provides elementary students with a solid foundation for future learning by focusing on four pillars of research-based learning innovations:

Community – enlisting the family and community members to ensure learning doesn’t stop when class is out.

Calendar – extended day and extended year schedules to invest more time in the learning process in a way that improves the student experience.

Curriculum – effective content combined with innovative learning methods to promote neural development and improve retention.

Character – making timeless values and core principles a part of everyday life that will result in effective school, family, and community relationships.

Opened in 2015

Freedom Academy Charter School was started by a group of educators and community leaders in north Minneapolis with a long-standing commitment to children and families.

Enrollment Contact

Toni Wilcox, Executive Director

Phone: 612-361-6600

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