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Youth Frontiers provides schools with experiences that inspire character, civility and community so that our next generation of leaders is grounded in character. Youth Frontiers’ dynamic retreats inspire students to live out the values of kindness, courage, respect and leadership in their personal and school lives. Last school year, the nationally renowned nonprofit held 861 retreats for more than 127,000 students and educators. Since its founding in 1987, Youth Frontiers has reached more than 1.7 million through its character development programs.

Youth Frontiers offers five grade-specific student retreats – each centered around a developmentally appropriate theme – as well as educator retreats. In fourth and fifth grade, students learn about the importance of kindness and acquire tools to build empathy. In middle school, students learn how to find courage to stand up for others. In high school, students expand their understanding of the importance of respecting others and taking ownership to make their school and community better. Each high-energy retreat uses games, music, small-group discussions and inspiring stories to engage students’ hearts and break down walls between young people. Throughout the retreat day, students begin mending relationships, respecting themselves and others more and committing to acting with character. Comprehensive follow-up materials also provide a way for educators and students to extend the impact of the retreat. To learn more about Youth Frontiers, visit


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Phone: 952-922-0222