MACS Board of Directors' Meeting Highlights - February 2013

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  • MN Association of Charter Schools

MACS Board of Directors Meeting

February – 2013


Approved By-law changes to implement the Amendments to the Association’s Articles of Incorporation adopted by the membership at the Annual Membership meeting in December. The changes will be implemented over the next few months and be completed by July 1, 2013.

The changes include:

  • Reducing the terms of board members to two (2) years from three (3) years,
  • Establishing the board size at nine (9) members,
  • Renaming the position of Board President to Board Chair,
  • Eliminating the position of Vice-President,
  • Clarifying the methods for nominating candidates for the board,
  • Clarifying the election process for filling board vacancies in mid-term.

Approved including the three (3) legally required board training courses as a membership benefit with the 2013-2014 membership year.

Approved the 2013-2014 fee schedule for ongoing board training courses, seminars, webinars, and workshops, etc.

Approved MACS becoming a member of the Safe Schools for All Coalition

Approved a lease extension for the MACS Office at the Kelly Inn until June 30, 2016

Agreed on a policy response to S.F. 222 the proposal for a low income preference option

Agreed on a policy response to the Governor’s Lease Aid proposals

Approved the criteria for the MN Charter School Governance Award – which the board voted to establish in October.

Agreed that board will conduct a spring round of regional school directors meetings in April