Board Training Options for Member Schools in Greater MN

Greater Minnesota refers to Schools Outside of Ramsey, Hennepin, Washington, Dakota, and Anoka Counties

Click HERE to schedule a Basic or Advanced Course for your school

The 3 BASIC COURSES - Offered as a Membership Benefit

  • Courses 100 & 300 are TUITION FREE.  Only cost to the school is for mileage of the instructor.  Mileage from the MACS office to/from the school site.
  • To schedule a school or group of schools contact the MACS Office AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE REQUESTED DATE of the training. (At least six (6) participants must be guaranteed for the class).
  • Upon a date being agreed on, MACS will send a notice to neighboring schools (less than an 1 hourdrive from the host school) to let them know of the training and invite their folks to attend.
  • Course 200 - School Finance which is offered online requires a $15 per person registration fee.


Advanced training courses are available for a tuition fee for each participant taking the course. Tuition fee is based on the length of the course. There is also a mileage cost to the school for the instructor.