Relicensure Policy Reference Guide Image

Relicensure Policy Reference Guide

The MACS Relicensure Committee has established the following policies based on the MN Board of Teaching guidelines.


The MACS Relicensure Committee:


  • Does not count paid experiences toward relicensure;
  • Grants a maximum of 7 CEU hours per workshop day;
  • Grants a maximum of 50 hours for school board service in a 5 year period
    • Required trainings for school board members (governance, employment, finance) are not counted toward the 50 hour maximum - those hours can be counted separately;
  • Grants a maximum of 30 hours for student teaching supervision;
  • Grants a maximum of 30 hours for relevant volunteer work;
  • Grants a maximum of 30 hours for curriculum development;
  • Grants a maximum of 7 hours for projects;
  • Grants a maximum of 30 hours for non-paid articles in professional publications;
  • Grants 1 CEU hour per actual hour for presentations, and 1 CEU hour of preparation time for each hour of presentation time (a maximum of 6 preparation hours per day, up to a maximum of 12 hours of preparation hours total);
  • Does accept unofficial copies of transcripts;
  • Grants a minimum of 1 CEU hour per activity. You may combine similar trainings of less than 1 hour together as long as the total time claimed is at least one hour (e.g., four half-hour long ESL trainings may be combined for two hours on one CEU form with corresponding dates);
  • Grants credit hours for college courses as follows: 
    • Each semester credit is worth 24 hours (3 semester credit class = 72 hours); and
    • Each quarter credit is worth 16 hours (3 quarter credit class = 48 hours);
  • Grants a maximum of 30 hours for pre-approved travel experiences (see Travel Pre-Approval Form). 
    • Professional development activities involving travel must be pre-approved by the Committee.
    • One week of pre-approved travel or work experiences for purposes of improving instructional capabilities equals 10 clock hours.
    • This 30 hour limit may be waived when the committee determines that the pre-approved travel or work experience is critical to the teacher's advanced or current skills for the teacher's assignment (e.g., travel to experience language or cultural immersion by a teacher of world languages);
  • Grants up to 15 hours for a licensed teacher for peer observation for Category H. This peer observation should occur as part of a professional development plan or program, should include the teacher observing another licensed professional in their same field, and the hours should be validated by an administrator. Teachers that receive compensation or a stipend as part of an observation process cannot count those hours towards this policy (e.g., a teacher that participates in QComp cannot count their mandated observation hours for CEU hours); and
  • Allows applicants holding the following combinations of licenses to submit 30 CEU hours to fulfill the content hour requirement:
    • 1.)    Communication Arts and Literature Endorsement (5-8)/Communications Arts and Literature (5-12);
    • 2.)    Earth and Space Science/General Science;
    • 3.)    Life Science/General Science; and
    • 4.)    Physical Education/DAP.


Additional Policy Guidance:

  • Classroom teachers or administrators (who have not taught for any portion of the five year renewal period immediately preceding license renewal), school social workers, school psychologists, school counselors, speech language pathologists, and school nurses do not need to fulfill the Reflective Statement renewal requirement;
  • The following licensure fields are exempt from evidencing the Reading Preparation renewal requirement: school counselors, school psychologists, school nurses, school social workers, audiovisual directors and coordinators, and recreation personnel; and
  • If a teacher holds a license or endorsement that is no longer issued by the state of Minnesota and it has not been surrendered, or the process of surrendering has not been initiated, that teacher is not required to fulfill the committee requirement of subject matter hours. Committee members will make note of this to the applicant on the communication form to let them know why they did not have to relicense in that area.