Human Resources Manager

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      Paula Higgins
      Executive Director

      Phone: 763-428-1890
      Fax: 763-428-1691

  • To apply for this job, please contact the person above directly.

Job Description

The Human Resources Manager ensures the efficient business and human resource operations, including meeting mandatory state reporting deadlines. This position works with Administration and the KCS Board of Directors to ensure an overall effective and viable human resource system, coordinating the entire interview and hiring process, and ensuring that Kaleidoscope Charter School (“KCS”) is prudent in obtaining adequate, competitive and cost effective insurance and benefits to its employees. Maintains general and human resource office functions specific to payroll and benefits. This includes being a member of the administrative team providing leadership in directing the business and HR functions of KCS. Acts as a liaison with staff, parents, and the general public to ensure the efficient operation of KCS.


Human Resources:
• Serve as KCS’s Americans with Disability Act/Section 504 coordinator according to policy.
• Serve as KCS’s Human Rights officer to receive reports or complaints of harassment or violence according to policy. Investigates reports recommends action to be taken and follows through to completion following all state laws and statutes and informs Executive Director/Board as appropriate.
• Provide support to Executive Director in matters relating to employee relations.
• Serve as a contact for employee relations.
• Work with the KCS’s Attorney on employment matters.
• Serve as contact person for retirement benefits including Teachers Retirement Account (TRA), Public Educators Retirement Account (PERA) and individual 403(b) plans.
• Set up new employee and substitutes in TRA, PERA and 403b plans (when applicable).
• Maintain a school wide insurance program including: employee health, dental, vision, life, long and short term disability and ensure the benefits are offered without discrimination according to laws.
• Review and update job descriptions as needed.
• Work with Executive Director on editing handbooks and policy manuals.
• Ensure termination procedures are followed as directed by the Executive Director and the Board.
• Manages and administers Workers Compensation Program including evaluating Workers Compensation Insurance potential carriers.
Employment/Personnel Support
• Coordinate hiring process.
• Enter new job postings into MACS, EdPost and on the KCS website, and additional sources as needed.
• Manage and administer new hire processes and orient new staff including completing of paperwork and proof of eligibility.
• Process and track background checks for new employees and every 3 years for all employees.
• Provide support for employee leaves of absences, including providing individual orientations, salary calculations and fulfilling the federal requirements for FMLA.
• Research salary schedule with the Executive Director as needed.
• Maintain personnel files, except own personnel file.
• Monitors and files reports for unemployment.
• Prepare and submits staff contracts and status changes throughout the year to the Board of Directors.
• Approves and monitors staff time off.
• Check Aesop substitute system daily.
• Call for substitutes as needed.
• Maintain and monitor staff records in all systems including TIES, Paychex, Aesop, KCS Website, etc…
• Communicate wellness information to staff.
• Receive and process resignation, terminations and retirement of employees.

• Receive, review, sort, and approve time cards, enter hours into payroll system, and verify appropriate hourly rate.
• Enter substitute pay into payroll system and verify appropriate rate and hours.
• Enter exempt staff into payroll system.
• Input new employees and substitutes into payroll system as received.
• Prepare and email payroll and Aesop access information to new employees and substitutes.
• Maintain and process all payroll form updates.
• Process garnishment/child support payments.
• Compose payroll schedule including payroll cut off schedules and processing dates.
• Process and review semi-monthly payroll. Payroll is then sent to the Executive Director or the Business Manager for final review.
• Reconcile benefit payment with semi-monthly payroll.
• Manage and resolve direct deposit returns and errors.
• Issue manual checks as needed.
• Prepare and process separate adjustment payrolls as necessary for void checks or special payroll runs.
• Annually update employee compensation and benefits in payroll system.
• Maintain organized and confidential filing system for timecards, substitute pay, and employee files. Comply with state record retention guidelines.
• Work with KCS’s Accountant with regards to payroll needs.
• Work with KCS’s Accountant to manage TRA and PERA reporting.
• Process TRA and PERA payments for semi-monthly payroll.
• Complete quarterly and annual reports as requested by TRA and PERA
• Gather and provide payroll information as needed to auditors.
• Finalize year end payroll data, authorize release of W-2 information and distribute W-2’s to KCS staff and substitutes.

State Reporting:
• Serve as KCS’s Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System (MARSS) coordinator.
• Maintain Student ID Validations with MDE.
• Compiles and reports information for STAR (Staff Automated Reporting) on a biannual basis.

Student Support:
• Assist as testing proctor as needed.

School Support:
• Verify all deposits as needed.
• Conducts school tours.
• Maintain KCS website.
• Maintain KCS Facebook page.
• Process and track background checks for volunteers and maintain documentation.
• Assist with office and school processes as needed.
• Phone backup.
• Assist with state required drills including intruder, fire and severe weather.
• Troubleshoot staff problems with Student System, Outlook, and other systems.
• Serve as Board of Directors approved authorized signer on KCS checking account.
• Other duties as assigned.

• Provides backup health services to students including first aid, emergency care, dispensing and recording medications and contact with parents as directed by the nurse.

• Knowledge of clerical procedures such as word processing, mailings, designing forms, and other office procedures and terminology.
• Knowledge of computers and computer programs including Microsoft Office, student systems or related applications.

• Demonstrate a friendly attitude toward others. Follow through to meet the stakeholders’ needs.
• Maintain a positive attitude in daily routine and in unexpected, stressful, or emergency situations.
• Prioritize and schedule work tasks. Complete tasks within established deadlines.
• Produce quality, accurate work. Work productively.
• Maintain an effective organizational system.
• Demonstrate initiative and flexibility to adjust to unexpected changes in work demands.
• Admit mistakes and learn from them.
• Maintain confidentiality.
• Demonstrate a consistent work attitude. Has an excellent work commitment.
• Identify the appropriate actions steps to reach goals and carry them out.
• Demonstrate initiative to make things happen.
• Desire to expand job knowledge and improve performance.

• The ability to listen and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences.
• The ability to communicate clearly, orally, or in writing.
• The ability to use a computer, copier/printer, and fax machine.
• The ability to concentrate on a task over a period of time without being distracted.
• The ability to assume initiative and work independently.
• The ability to multi task.
• The ability to work effectively with people from different backgrounds and cultures.
• The ability to audit data, pay close attention to details, and recognize errors.

• Bachelor’s Degree, and related job experience preferred
• CPR/First Aid
• Other required trainings

• Computer Proficiency
• General Clerical Skills
• Payroll skills

• A clear and demonstrated commitment to Kaleidoscope Charter School’s (“KCS”) mission, which cultivates inquisitive leaders who possess integrity and a passion for learning.
• Performing assigned responsibilities in a manner consistent with KCS’s established Core Values.
• Advancing KCS’s mission and values through careful attention to the key issues of Learning, Environment, and Resources.

  • To apply for this job, please contact the person above directly.

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