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  1. The "For Sale/Exchange/Free - Classifieds for Charter Schools" section providies a virtual place to sell, exchange or give away equipment, computers, books, furniture and more; and

  2. The "Facilities For Lease - Real Estate" section provides a virtual place for finding available facilities for charter schools.

Important Notice:
The Minnesota Charter School Association (MACS) does not make any representations, warranties or guarantees expressed or implied as to these advertisements regarding the accuracy, correctness, or completeness of such information, including, without limitation: pricing, descriptions, designs, data and other features.

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  • 21 Adjustable height, 35 1/2" x 29 1/2" computer lab table/desk
  • For Sale/Exchange/Free

    For Sale/Exchange/Free is the “Classifieds Page for Charter Schools”. It is a "virtual marketplace" for connecting schools who are seeking to buy, sell or exchange items such as school furniture, computers, textbooks, or other school items. INTERESTED IN SUBMITTING AN ITEM? Schools and non-profit organizations can submit items that they have for sale, are willing to exchange or give away free. To submit items for listing, email item details to the MACS office. NOTE: Items are li...

  • Facilities for Lease

    Facilties for Lease is the "Real Estate Section for Charter Schools". It is a "virtual marketplace" for connecting schools who are looking for facilities and landlords who are seeking to lease facilities. LANDLORDS - LOOKING TO LEASE YOUR SPACE TO A CHARTER SCHOOL? For information and or questions on how to advertise your properties for lease, please contact our office at 651-789-3090. Submit a School Facility Space Ad Important Notice: MACS makes no claims of any kind regarding representa...

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