Facility Ad Submission Form

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  • Monday, July 23, 2012

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  • MN Association of Charter Schools

Thank you for your interest in placing a MACS Marketplace Facility Ad. 

Advertising on the Facility Listings Marketplace is open to all property owners and leasing companies seeking to market vacant facilities to the charter school community.

There are several options available to advertisers for facilty ad duration, pending the number of facilities and ad frequency desired.  Only one facility is allowed per advertisement. Note that bulk pricing is available and higher discounts are seen for longer ad terms:

  • Single Ad Pricing:
    • 3 months initial ad - $105
    • 6 months initial ad - $180

    • 3 months renewal - $90
    • 6 months renewal - $150

  • Two Ads Pricing:
    This option works well for folks who may have two different properties they would like to advertise and includes a packaged discount rate.
    • 3 months initial ads - $180
    • 6 months initial ads - $300

    • 3 months renewal - $120
    • 6 months renewal - $210

  • Block Ad Pricing:
    Block ad pricing is a brand new option - this option is geared especially toward leasing companies who have a number of properties they wish to list on our site.  This option provides the most flexibility and best pricing - the ads in each package are for 6 months each and do not expire, so advertisers can choose when and how often they need to list or relist their properties at a guaranteed low price.
    • 5 six month ads - $750
    • 10 six month ads - $1200


Please complete the following steps to submit your advertising submission form:

  1. Fill out the electronic form completely (link provided below) Note:  The form will pop up in a new browser page.  Please make sure to click on the "Submit Your Facility Ad Submission" button at the bottom of the form - your information will not be submitted until you do so, and you should receive a pop up message verifying confirmation of your entry.

    • PLEASE NOTE:  If you are planning to advertise more than one facility ad, you will need to submit a new form for each ad you plan to utilize, but payment is only required upon the initial ad submission (block advertisers should also complete this form each time they wish to utilize one of their bulk-purchased ads.  Additional information will be provided to block advertisers on tracking their advertising spaces left in their account).

  2. Submit Payment - Payment via check or credit card is accepted. 

    • Click on the PayPal "Pay Now" submission button at the bottom of this page to pay the appropriate fee level by credit card.

    • If you choose to submit your payment by check, please mail a check payable to "MN Association of Charter Schools" to:

      MN Association of Charter Schools
      ATTN:  Facility Ad Payment
      161 St. Anthony Avenue, Suite 1000
      St. Paul, MN 55103

  3. Confirmation - Expect confirmation and follow up from MACS staff to finalize your facility ad listing shortly upon receipt of payment.  You may also call our office at 651-789-3090.
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