Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach

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    • K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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      Chris Rovn
      Athletic Director

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Job Description

To organize, coordinate and promote a comprehensive program in Volleyball that is designed to meet the needs and interested of the Nova Classical Academy community. To provide effective leadership that will ensure a positive learning environment and will stress the importance of academic achievement, leadership and character. To demonstrate a high degree of ethics, professionalism, human relations and be a positive role model for all students.


1. Comply with the rules and regulations of the Nova Classical Academy and the Minnesota State High School League.
2. Prepare reports, inventory and recommendations for equipment.
3. Communicate to all participants the policies of the program and the Nova Classical Academy Athletic Department as written in the Athletic Department Handbook.
4. Submit forms as required by the Minnesota State High School League, the School Board, and the Athletic Department.
5. Plan, organize and implement the teaching of fundamentals, strategies, rules and proper conditioning in the assigned sport/program.
6. Provide an atmosphere conductive to good sportsmanship; compile and maintain accurate individual and team performance records, participate in the awards program(s) according to school procedure.
Nova Classical Academy Programs are designed to offer our students the opportunity to
participate in co-curricular programs that compliment and integrate the schools’ mission of
character, leadership and academics.
7. Ensure that adequate supervision is provided for all students involved in the program; provide for the safety of participants by inspecting facilities and equipment and being aware of environmental conditions.
8. Issue, collect, inventory and store equipment consistent with department guidelines.
9. Instruct participants in safety procedures and in the need to report injuries to the coach and/or trainer immediately; implement appropriate procedures for handling injury situations; ensure the availability of a properly supplied first aid kit and emergency care card at all times.
10. Maintain proper and appropriate discipline among students during athletic contests, practice sessions and while on trips off school property.
11. Effectively communicate with colleagues, students and parents.
12. Perform other related duties as assigned by the Director of Athletics.


Year Around

1. Develop goals for each level of the program so that coaches know what expected skills are for the athletes at each level.
2. Provide the Athletic Director with direction and be accountable for the total program. This includes budget items and personnel.
3. Develop a working relationship with community to help fundraise for the Athletic Programs.
4. Be a positive and visible member of the Nova Classical Academy Community.
5. Provide lettering criteria, awards policy, job description and Activities Code of Conduct input to the Nova Classical Academy Handbook yearly.
6. Maintain and promote a fair and consistent discipline code for the Nova Classical Academy students.
7. Communicate with other head coaches/advisors regarding overall program development and the sharing of students.
8. Work to maintain a positive relationship with your student/athletes during the off season.
1. Complete all MSHSL preseason rules, meetings and tests as required.
2. Provide lettering criteria and awards policy and communicate those effectively with the students and parents prior to the season.
3. Conduct a pre-season parent/student meeting. Provide schedules, team rules, and eligibility and emergency forms during this meeting.
4. Assist the Athletic Director in inventorying all incoming equipment. Maintain accurate records of all uniforms and equipment for the program.
5. Communicate with the Athletic Director equipment needs for the program.


1. Organize and schedule practice sessions with the concept of developing the student/athlete’s greatest potential.
2. Establish a fair and consistent means of selecting and evaluating players and team.
3. Have a thorough knowledge of all players’ strengths and weaknesses.
4. Emphasize safety precautions.
Nova Classical Academy Programs are designed to offer our students the opportunity to
participate in co-curricular programs that compliment and integrate the schools’ mission of
character, leadership and academics.
5. Keep accurate reports on injured players and maintain lines of communication with Athletic Director.
6. Meet weekly or communicate effectively with the Athletic Director to discuss current issues related to your program.
7. Assume responsibility for the constant care of equipment, facilities and uniforms.
8. Maintain proper supervision of your student/athletes during all phases of your program (during practices and games, in the locker rooms, and at all road contests).
9. Organize and maximize the skills of your assistant coaches.
10. Delegate responsibility accordingly amongst your staff.
11. Travel with student athletes and supervise the team during athletic competitions in assigned sports.
12. Be responsible for the actions of all coach and player conduct during practice and games.
13. Organize an end-of-the-season banquet utilizing parents to assist in developing the plan for this end-of-the-season event.


1. Conduct post-season meeting with players relating to equipment turn-in procedures, awards and banquet information.
2. Conduct individual evaluation sessions with each student/athlete to review season and establish 3 expectations related to the upcoming season.
3. Conduct individual meetings with each assistant/lower level coach to review past season and begin planning for the next season.
4. Complete end of year report including season results, equipment and uniform inventory.
5. Assist Athletic Director with scheduling for the next season’s opponents.
6. Set positive and productive goals for the off-season and next year for players and coaches.
7. Meet with Athletic Director after completing end of season packet to review season, outline plans for the next season and complete overall program evaluation.



1. In-depth knowledge and experience in Volleyball.
2. Previous head coaching experience in Volleyball preferred.
3. First Aid Certified.
4. Complete all requirements for Certification as Head Coach through the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota State High School League.
5. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the administrator may deem appropriate

Institution Description

Nova Classical Academy is a Minnesota charter school dedicated to high, academic achievement and the classical model of education.

Application Instructions/Comments

Please send resume and two professional references to Chris Rovn at

  • To apply for this job, please contact the person above directly.