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    • Non-Licensed

    • Grades:

    • K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

    • Minnesota Teacher's License:

    • Not Required

    • Salary Range:

    • Commensurate with Experience

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    • Full-Time

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  • To apply for this job, please contact the person above directly.

Job Description

Paraprofessionals provide instructional support for students and assist classroom teachers with
their instructional responsibilities. All CRSS paraprofessionals provide academic, social and
emotional support to students under the direction of the Student Services Coordinator, Special
Education Teachers and Classroom Teachers.

Duties and Responsibilities

Paraprofessional job responsibilities can change depending on the needs of the students, and
the particular assignment. Tasks may include any of the following:

1) Academic support for students, both general education students and those with special
needs served under an IEP. Tasks could include:
-reading to students
-listening to students read
-providing one-to-one instruction
-directing small-group work
-reading a story to small groups of special needs students
-assisting a small group of students in reviewing their work
-physically assisting students to do their work
-escorting students from one place to another during transitions

2) Social/Physical support for students, both in a general and special education setting.
Tasks could include:
-assisting students with personal needs
-solely serving the needs of one student with a severe disability
-assisting students in using adaptive equipment or devices
-motivating children with emotional needs and encouraging positive behaviors
-serving as a positive role model to students with behavioral/emotional disabilities
-facilitating appropriate peer interactions and social skills
-intervening in positive ways to support & encourage relationships between students
with & without special needs

3. Assisting any and all students in environments with students with special needs. Tasks
could include:
-monitoring cafeterias and playgrounds
-accompanying students (e.g., in hallways, at lunch, and recess, and in special subject


Required Education, License, Experience and Skills

Skill in working with children, especially those with special needs.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with parents,
students, teachers, staff, administrators, agency personnel and others.
Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills, and have basic math
Ability to follow written and verbal instructions.
Ability to deal with the unexpected in a calm and professional manner.
Ability to handle sensitive information confidentially.
Must clear pre-employment background check and substance abuse screening.

Desirable Qualifications

Minimum of two years of college credit from an accredited educational institution or
American Sign Language proficiency.
Spanish language skills preferred.

Institution Description

Cannon River STEM School is a K-8 public charter school in Faribault, MN. Our vision is to become an innovative leader in Science, Technology,Engineering, and Math (STEM) in Minnesota while creating a community of students who love
to learn. Our campus is 55+ acres, of which wooded ravines are a highlight for instruction and play. We have completed our 10th year of operation.

Application Instructions/Comments

Applicants interested in applying should provide a Cannon River STEM School application, found on our website at , cover letter, and resume to Cheryl Wendt at

  • To apply for this job, please contact the person above directly.