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Submitted: December 24
Closing: March 30


Executive Committee
Search Committee

Phone: 6513052780

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Location Great River School
1326 Energy Park Drive
St. Paul, MN 55108
Categories Administrative
Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Health Insurance Included
Minnesota Teacher's License Preferred
Salary Range Commensurate with Experience
Work Commitment Full-Time
To Apply

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Job Description

Great River School seeks school leader beginning in the 2020-21 school year to serve one of the most significant Montessori Schools in the world. As an independent public charter district in Minnesota, Great River is a learning community that spans ages 6 through 18 (grades 1-12). Great River offers our new leader a welcoming community focused on justice and equity, a student body top-ranked for academic achievement, and a well-respected and stable charter school operation. Great River School is one of three Montessori schools in the country that serves first through twelfth grade, and is the only charter school in Minnesota authorized to offer the IB Diploma program.

The Head of School builds consensus in support of executing the school strategic plan. In seeking to strengthen the institutional voice and agency of historically marginalized perspectives, Great River School welcomes the applications of candidates who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color.


Great River School is seeking a school leader who possesses the following qualifications and abilities:
- Proven leader within an innovative community - school environment, community organization, and/or applicable non-profit or NGO experience.
- Experience addressing racial equity, gender equity, and economic equity in an institutional setting
- Experience and capacity to speak to anti-bias, anti-racist strategies which address the effects of white supremacy on the educational environment
- A collaborative leader understanding the importance of listening and continuous learning, with the ability to build consensus among diverse perspectives
- Prepared to effectively provide oversight, support, and development of school leadership and faculty through deliberately developmental strategies
- Administer a multimillion dollar budget
- Collaboratively develop and support the strategic plan for the school
- Develop and generate information and reports for the use by the Board of Directors to oversee the financial conditions, operations and other key performance factors of the school’s operations
- A leader that values the perspectives and upholds the contributions of all people - of every race, gender, culture, religion, and ability. A leader that actively works to deconstruct systems of bias and prejudice.
- An individual who has:
> Effectively supervised and coached managers of teams within a complex organization
developed processes and procedures that promote stability and efficiency in organizational and school operations
>Built, supported, and nurtured coherent and positive culture across a community that includes faculty, employees, students, families and the public
>Deep and cohesive pedagogical understanding of Montessori philosophy and methodology across multiple ages
>Understanding or capacity to learn and deeply integrate the International Baccalaureate values and mission into a Montessori setting

Candidate must have a minimum of an undergraduate degree, with consideration given to those with advanced degrees. A successful candidate will have evidence of several years of proven leadership in school administration, preferably in an innovative school setting. (Including public, charter, or independent schools.)

Institution Description

Established in 2004, Great River School (GRS) is a St. Paul, MN urban public Montessori charter school. GRS currently enrolls 730 independent and engaged students guided by the school’s mission - as a Montessori learning community, preparing students for their unique roles as responsible and engaged citizens of the world.

Financially stable, Great River has a $9.5 million operating budget and has recently completed a four year facility construction and enrollment expansion project. The school is governed by a faculty-majority school board, and is supported by an active committee structure.

Application Instructions/Comments

If interested, please express interest via email to

The Search Group will send each interested applicant an application package. Candidates fill out the application

The Search Group would appreciate the completed package within two weeks of sending the package to the candidate via email, and will follow up with further instructions.

Click the apply button to be taken to the application website.

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