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Licensed School School Social Worker

Home Careers Licensed School School Social Worker
Submitted: June 8
Closing: August 31


Stephanie Miska
Assistant Special Education Director

Phone: 612-750-0753


Location High School for Recording Arts
1166 University Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104
Categories Licensed
Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
Health Insurance Included
Minnesota Teacher's License Required
Salary Range Commensurate with Experience
Work Commitment Full-Time
To Apply

To apply for this job, please contact the person listed.

Job Description

High School for Recording Arts is looking for a creative licensed School Social Worker to join our team. In this role, we are looking for a Social Worker with experience in working with a highly diverse group of youths. This person will have a solid foundation in building and maintaining healthy, positive, and meaningful relationships with our students, families, and staff. In this role, the Social Worker will collaborate with the student, the students' IEP team, and additional support staff to ensure the students' needs are being met at a high level of engagement. This person would be knowledgeable in community resources, and trauma-informed methods. If this interests you-please apply and come check out our exciting school.


Being an effective Social Worker is one of the most important tasks of our program due to the intensive nature of the close relationship between social worker/student.

• Relentless Achiever
• Ability to be exercise adaptive leadership in a changing environment.
• Collaborative and Team-focused
• Organized and detailed
• Efficient
• Flexible
• Respects Self and Others
• Fosters an environment of Cultural Inclusion

Institution Description

High School for Recording Arts is defined by its commitment to find and nurture the genius and creativity of every student despite any life challenges or setbacks. Our school is built around the recognition that every learner has special talents and strengths, passionate interests, impactful personal experiences, and unique perspectives on the world and learning. Our aim is to actively recruit students that have dropped out, are over-aged and under-credited, or have not found success in the traditional educational system. To better reach this traditionally neglected or abandoned group, we believe in creating a dynamic educational culture rooted in positive relationships, Hip Hop, the arts, and creativity that inspires our students to transcend individual barriers to success.

Application Instructions/Comments

Please contact our Hiring Team to apply: Joey Cienian (, Stephanie Miska ( and Saintanne Tipton (
To apply for this job, please contact the person listed.

To apply for this job, please contact the person listed.

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