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Director of Seat-Based Learning

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Submitted: February 9
Closing: March 10


Stacy Bender
Director of Online Learning

Location Crosslake Community School
35808 County Road 66, PO Box 1020
Crosslake, MN 56442
Categories Administrative
Grades Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Health Insurance Included
Minnesota Teacher's License Preferred
Salary Range To Be Determined
Work Commitment Full-Time
To Apply

To apply for this job, please contact the person listed.

Job Description

Position Summary: The primary purpose of the Director of Seat-Based Learning role is to promote student success
by collaborating with and providing support to the Crosslake Community School (CCS) teaching staff. Other job
responsibilities come secondary to this primary purpose. The Director of Seat-Based Learning will provide
leadership and administration which will motivate instructional and support personnel to strive for superior
performance so as to provide the best possible opportunities for student growth and development, both
educationally and personally. This role is a beacon for CCS’s Mission and Vision to grow environmentally literate,
community-impacting learners of excellence.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Focus Area I - Student Academics and Behavior
● Maintain the mission and vision of CCS and work with the staff to maintain a school climate which aligns with
the school’s philosophy.
● Collaborate with the PLCs to ensure CCS is accomplishing the World’s Best Workforce (WBWF) goals.
● Collaborate with teachers through the PLC process to collect, assess and analyze student data to support
academic success of all students. Ensures all curriculum is aligned to the MN State Standards.
● Advocate and partner with teachers and paraprofessionals to find solutions for classes and students using
Catalyst knowledge, curriculum knowledge, and problem-solving.
● Lead and facilitate the MTSS process and collaborate with the district assessment coordinator within this
● Serve as a district representative in the Individual Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan, and Individual Learning Plan
(ILP) processes and collaborate with the district assessment coordinator within this process.
● Serve as district representative in IEP and Child Study meetings, working in partnership with Paul Bunyan
● Collaborate with school social worker and staff to enhance social-emotional learning and career pathways.
● Maintain an educational philosophy and school climate which encourages cooperation. Collaborate with the
district assessment coordinator to ensure compliance with the school’s state and federal assessments.
● Promote and execute school policies and procedures as it applies to the community and school.
● Responsible for supporting the staff in handling discipline issues and when current CCS discipline strategies
are no longer effective. Coordinates and helps plan for interventions which may require student,
parent/guardian, and outside agencies.
● Responsible for ensuring all policies and protocols are established and implemented, including safety plans
and procedures.
Focus Area II - Environment Education (EE)
● Ensure EE standards are implemented per Osprey Wilds’ Contract.
● Ensure all aspects of CCS engages and adheres to environmentally friendly programs, practices, and
● Assist and collaborate with EE coordinator about the Environment Learning Plan and provide feedback of
individual teacher’s plan. Ensures plan is complete and implemented.
● Collaborate with EE coordinator to generate and promote Environmental Education with students, staff and
Focus Area III - Community Engagement and School Climate
● Collaborate with the Community Engagement chair to promote Community Engagement activities and events.
● Attend, promote, and participate in Community Engagement activities and events to foster positive
relationships with school families and the community.
● Help coordinate and implement after-school programs and events such as middle school dances, sports, and
● Communicate timely and effectively with staff, students, and families through emails, phone calls, and
● Be present and active within the building in the halls, classrooms, lunchroom and playground building
relationships with students and staff.
Focus Area IV - High-Quality Workforce with Professional Development
● Coordinate with Lead Teachers to plan teacher and staff Professional Development Days.
● Evaluate staff using current evaluation initiatives and frameworks, including Catalyst and High Reliability
School (HRS) and provide regular and ongoing feedback to staff.
● Collaborate with the Coordinator of Online Learning about the implementation of Quality Matters.
● Coordinate with CEU committee chair to ensure all staff are in compliance with PELSB licensing standards.
● Collaborate with Lead Teachers to create and maintain an onboarding process for new hires, including all
trainings needed to stay current with CCS Mission and Vision, Board initiatives, Catalyst training, EE trainings,
High-Reliability Schools, etc.
● Coordinate with Sped teachers to develop paraprofessional schedules and ensure professional development
for quality student support.
● Serve on board-approved committees to ensure CCS Mission and Vision.
● Serve on the curriculum and staff development PLCs to coordinate with teachers to implement school-wide
Catalyst management and HRS frameworks both in and out of the classroom.
● Respond to staff inquiries about compensation and benefits; interprets and communicates employment laws
to staff; and connects staff to CCS’s outside HR partner for matters that best warrant outside counsel.
● Maintain a high-quality seat-based team by coaching and collaborating to create an inclusive and positive
culture where staff feels supported, safe, encouraged, and valued.
Focus Area V - Fiscal Responsibility and Sustainability
● Communicate with students, parents/guardians and staff regarding CCS Admissions Process. Serves as the first
and main point of contact with families applying to CCS and potential future students and families. Works with
families to personalize and onboard students new to CCS.
● Regularly review and analyze student records in partnership and communication with staff, PLCs, students,
parents/guardians and potentially external agencies.
● Monitor attendance, contacts families regarding attendance concerns, and carries out truancy proceedings, or
child protection services, as needed.
● Participates in Finance Committee and assists Executive Director with budget matters.
● Generate marketing ideas based on student activities and performance, and teacher accomplishments and
● Bring curriculum and technology recommendations and requests generated through the PLC process to the
Executive Director for final approval.
● Assist Director of Technology with contracts and vendors and other technological services.
● Collaborate with the Online Director in regard to completion of online learning reports.
● Acts as the liaison between CCS and MDE Charter School Representatives for MARSS issues related to
inconsistencies of data. Verifies and maintains the MN Common Course Catalogue and ensures accurate and
timely reporting of all student and district data via MARSS to the state of MN ensuring proper funding.
● Coordinate field trips, special presentations, activities and celebrations that are designed by the PLC.
● Develop and maintain school routines consistent with Catalyst and HRS frameworks and protocols.
● Maintain student handbooks.
● Serve as liaison to co-curricular programs.
● Responsible for all substitute requests, paid time off (PTO), and emergency staffing, including schedule
● Plan and conduct seat-based staff meetings as necessary.
● Attend all HRS/QComp Leadership Meetings and assist with state required reporting for the QComp program.


Position Qualifications & Required Skills:
● While not required, MN Licensed Teacher with classroom teaching experience is desired. While not required,
Licensed School Administrator in the State of Minnesota (or working towards) is desired.
● Proven experience as an innovative leader who possesses strong written and verbal communication, critical
thinking, decision-making, detail-orientation, organizational and problem-solving skills.
● Demonstrated skill, knowledge and passion for environmental education.
● Knowledge of Charter School philosophy, approaches, and differentiation from other schools.
● Innovation and the ability to lead others to deliver outcomes to fulfill a vision, mission and/or strategy.
● Strong listening skills and ability to balance the input of various individuals, such as teachers, other staff,
community leaders, students and parents/guardians.
● Ability to assess student and teacher performance and provide feedback.
● Ability to understand state educational standards and to evaluate curricula and educational programs.
● Ability to resolve Human Resource issues and interpret and implement policies.
● Knowledge of educational technology and proven computer skills, particularly in the areas of databases,
spreadsheets and word processing.

Institution Description

Crosslake Community Schools serves over 350 students in its two programs. The online program serves students statewide in kindergarten through 12th grade/age 21. The seat-based program serves up to 190 students in its physical, state of the art building in prekindergarten to 8th grade. Located across from the Army Corps of Engineers campground and Crosslake itself, the school has opportunities to engage in environmental education. The school forest and fresh-air classroom have allowed students to enjoy the outdoors as part of their learning.

Application Instructions/Comments

Send an email to with the following:
* resume
* cover letter
* three letters of references

To apply for this job, please contact the person listed.

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