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1.0 FTE 4th Grade Teacher

Home Careers 1.0 FTE 4th Grade Teacher
Submitted: June 2
Closing: August 15


Pa Her
Office Manager

Phone: 651 605 2306


Location College Prep Elementary
355 Randolph Ave
Suite 300
St. Paul, MN 55102
Categories Licensed
Grades 4
Health Insurance Included
Minnesota Teacher's License Required
Salary Range Commensurate with Experience
Work Commitment Full-Time
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Job Description

Elementary Teachers, College Prep Elementary
K – 6 grade Job Description 2021
CPE Dispositions:
As reflective practitioners, all staff at CPE are asked to align as closely as possible to the
following dispositions.
• Mindset - How we think about students. We are restorative, relational, and we hold high
expectations. EVERY student can and will succeed
• Culture - How we show respect for each other. We are collaborative, intentional,
encouraging, authentic; we operate in integrity with respect and gratitude for everyone
• Ownership/Efficacy - How we think about ourselves. We own problems and do not push
them off on others or ignore them. We are not afraid to try new things. We believe we
can make a positive impact; we admit when we are wrong.
• Values - How we think about challenges:
o Each person is valued and respected
o Shared voices and shared responsibility
o Relationship is the first answer to each question
o Disciplined thought results with disciplined action
• Instructional philosophy - How we think about teaching and learning:
Cooperative, reduced teacher talk, EL friendly, individual students needs are honored,
culturally representative and thoughtful
More happens within the classroom than without.
Essential Functions:
1. Plan, teach, evaluate, and modify plans to improve the student’s basic skills using the
approved curriculum in reading, writing, speaking, science, social studies, and math.
2. Revise year-long plans with team members as needed to incorporate Minnesota State
Standards and Assessments. Teach the essential standards identified.
3. Report student progress to parents and other appropriate staff members in a thorough and
tactful manner while maintaining appropriate student privacy.
4. Work cooperatively with other staff members, students, and families to build a restorative
classroom and a safe and peaceful school environment.
5. Work independently and take responsibility to supervise and correct student behavior
according to jointly developed plans whether working alone in the classroom or other
areas of the school.
6. Follow appropriate guidelines for referring students to the evaluation process for
additional assistance for interventions or specialized services
7. Participate in required staff development activities and staff meetings.
8. Participate in additional staff development by attending required workshops and/or
required classes relevant to specific teaching at College Prep Elementary
9. Work cooperatively with other teachers to plan, implement, evaluate, and modify plans
for community-building activities for students, staff, and parents.
10. Participate, as required, in community-building evening activities during the year as well
as evening conferences as scheduled.
11. Work cooperatively to achieve the annual school-wide-goals.
12. Punctually attend and participate in all appropriate meetings such as staff meetings,
committee meetings, PLC meetings etc.
13. Required attendance at the Annual Meeting and schoolwide celebrations.
14. Conduct regular assessments; expect your program to be data driven.
15. Attend Professional Development in August for the time designated before school starts
16. Actively participate and embrace the opportunity for weekly Professional Learning
Community groups, take the opportunity to provide leadership in this area.
17. Be open to regular feedback and coaching by staff
18. Be responsible and honor the teacher schedule of hours. Arrive on time.
19. Be flexible in working and creating a positive work environment with staff and
implementing the new curriculums, requiring patience and understanding as well as
developing key team building skills.
20. Participate in peer mentoring programs as requested.
21. Maintain professional conversations and behavior.
22. Other duties as appropriately assigned by the administration.

Reports to: The Academic Director is your immediate Supervisor, all employees are ultimately responsible to the Executive Director.

Length of Agreement: 10 month agreement, usually mid-August to Mid-June
All employees at College Prep Elementary are AT WILL
College Prep Elementary is an Equal Opportunity Employer


licensed Mn teaching certificate

Institution Description

Institution Description
College Prep Elementary
small , diverse, urban k - 6 Charter in St Paul, MN

Application Instructions/Comments

Application on the web at
Send application, resume, 3 reference contacts to Pa Her
College Prep Elementary
355 Randolph Ave Suite #300
St Paul, Mn 55102

Click the apply button to be taken to the application website.

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