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Avalon Charter School

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Avalon Charter School
Street Address 700 Glendale Street
St. Paul, MN 55114
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Phone 651-649-5495
Grades Served 6-12
Enrollment # 239
District # 4075
Congressional District 4th
Legislative District 64A
Authorizer Novation Education Opportunities (NEO)

Board of Directors

7 Board Members- Teacher Majority -  1 Community Members, 2 Parent and 4 Teachers - Board Elections held in March


Programmatic Focus

Community Engagement, interdisciplinary seminars, and project-based learning


Avalon School prepares students for college and life in a strong, nurturing community that inspires active learning, engaged citizenship, and hope for the future. AVALON combines (1) a college-prep focus, (2) project-based learning, and (3) interdisciplinary seminars. This will be complemented by extensive training in ethics, conflict resolution, interpersonal/life skills, and active citizenship and community service. At AVALON, middle school and high school are viewed not just as a time for preparing for college or a vocation, but as a vital and important component in each student's life. Students must be meaningfully engaged in every class, project and endeavor in a quality way.


Opened Fall, 2001.

Awards & Recognition

2012: School Finance Award - Minnesota Department of Education
2016: Minnesota Charter School Innovation Award - Different and Innovative Forms of Measuring Outcomes


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Gretchen Sage-Martinson

651-689-5495 Ext. 204

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