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Clarkfield Area Charter School

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Clarkfield Area Charter School
Street Address 301 13th Street
Clarkfield, MN 56223
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Phone 320-669-1995
Grades Served PreK-4
Enrollment # 65
District # 4172
Congressional District 7th
Legislative District 16A
Authorizer Friends of Education

Board of Directors

5 Board Members- Parent Majority -1 Community Members, 3 Parents and 1 Teacher-Board Elections held in April

Other Programs Offered

The school offers an after school program.

Programmatic Focus

Strong traditional academics, , individualized instruction, moral values and community involvement


Our mission is to develop a love of learning by finding and teaching to the students' individual learning styles and expanding their knowledge through community based learning. This will allow students to master academic building blocks necessary for a successful transition to senior high school. Learning will take place in a nurturing and stimulating environment with a 15 to 1 student to teacher ratio where staff, families and community members support students to become life-long learners leading healthy, active and productive lives. Our vision is to create a regional known rural K-6 school by teaching to students' individual learning styles, by building concrete foundations in academics and by promoting strong moral values, healthy lifestyles and community involvement.


Chartered in 2006 and Opened Fall, 2007

Awards & Recognition

MDE School Finance Award - 2012, 2016, 2019, 2020, 2021


Data for Parents and Educators
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Kathy Koetter, Director

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