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Ridgeway Community School

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Ridgeway Community School
Street Address 35564 Winona County Road 12
Ridgeway, MN 55943
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Phone 507-454-9566
Grades Served PreK-5
Enrollment # 103
District # 4083
Congressional District 1st
Legislative District 26A

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Programmatic Focus

Rigorous multi-age education program provided in small classes with a strong wellness and community-service focus


RCS Values Statement: Academics, Children First, Community, Respect, Wellness

RCS Vision Statement: To be a growing school that is full of inquisitive learners practicing healthy living habits and becoming engaged community members

RCS Mission Statement: Ridgeway Community School is an academically challenging school with an emphasis on community and wellness that leaves a positive lasting impact.


Opened Fall 2001 as a conversion charter school

Awards & Recognition

MDE School Finance Award - 2011, 2012, 2019, 2020, 2021


Data for Parents and Educators
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Jodi Dansingburg, Director

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