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Kaleidoscope Charter School

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Kaleidoscope Charter School
Street Address 7525 Kalland Avenue NE
Otsego, MN 55301
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Phone 763-428-1890
Grades Served K-12
Enrollment # 585
District # 4118
Congressional District 6th
Legislative District 30B
Authorizer Volunteers of America - Minnesota (VOA)

Programmatic Focus

Ability & inquiry-based instruction, leadership/character development, service learning, project-based STEAM initiatives


Kaleidoscope Charter School is an educational family that cultivates inquisitive leaders who posses integrity and a passion for learning. The Pillars of our Mission: 1. Educational Family: Highly-engaged, caring staff; Parental involvement; Mentoring; 2. Inquisitive Leaders: Inquiry-based instruction; Leadership/Character development; Service Learning; 3. Passion for Learning: Student Choice; Variety of educational opportunities; Ability-based


Opened Fall, 2004

Awards & Recognition

School Finance Award - Minnesota Department of Education: (2012-2018, 2006-2010)


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Amy Jorgenson

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