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Street Address 26 Michigan St SE
Hutchinson, MN 55350
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We understand keeping a facility clean, healthy and safe is about so much more than buying cleaning supplies and equipment. It's about improving processes; making it easier for your staff to get the job done right with better results than ever before.

We focus on what makes the difference in delivering clean, safe, healthy facilities at the lowest total cost. We know product price is important. However, when labor accounts for as much as 85% of a facility cleaning budget, there is only a small amount of savings that can be realized on the product buy side. And, product price doesn't deliver clean, safe, healthy facilities.

Hillyard helps deliver results by:

  • Evaluating your current cleaning program.
  • Standardizing your program and implementing best practice solutions.
  • Providing training that elevates and improves cleaning staff.
  • Providing the tools to help manage quality and procurement.



Christine Morris


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