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Minneapolis School of New Music

Home Directory Minneapolis School of New Music
Street Address MN
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Phone 612-219-1364
Grades Served 6-12
Authorizer Minnesota Guild of Public Charter Schools

Programmatic Focus

Music-focused College-Prep Liberal Arts and Project-Driven Learning


The Minneapolis School of New Music ignites the curiosity and passions of young people; awakens their innate and unique talents; builds confidence and exposes their core identities.
Through the lens of music, students will focus on high level academics that will propel them toward college, career, and lifelong learning.

With acquired knowledge, skill, creativity, and an artful approach, students will make new music, share ideas, and develop strong relationships that will help them succeed in school and beyond.
Music is a part of everyone; it is fundamental to human culture. Music creates deep connections between people. The Minneapolis School of New Music seeks to cultivate, honor, and nurture the spirit of music in the lives of young people.


Scheduled to open Fall 2021


Bart Johnson

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