Community of Peace Academy

Community of Peace Academy

  • Phone:

  • (651) 776-5151

  • Location Type:

  • School

  • Grades Served:

  • PreK-12

  • Enrollment #:

  • 800

  • District #:

  • 4015

  • Congressional District:

  • 4th

  • Legislative District:

  • 66B

Other Programs Offered

The school offers an after school program.

Programmatic Focus
Fostering academic excellence and character education through the education of the whole person – mind, body and will.

I. Staff Integrity: Role modeling for students - Members of the staff embrace and strive to live their own lives in support of the desired outcome, thus providing role models for the students.

II. Relationships: Unconditional positive regard for all - Unconditional Positive Regard for all is the fundamental principle underlying relationships within our school community. We learn to accept and care for others, because others accept and care for us.

III. Experiences: Life changing opportunities - Experiences that promote wholeness and encourage ethical and moral behavior and reflection, are potentially life changing, and provide a path to wholeness and fullness of life for all.

IV. Academic Success for All: A school where everyone wins - At Community of Peace Academy, it is not where our students begin, but where they finish, that matters.

The mission of Community of Peace Academy is to be a racially and culturally diverse community of students, parents, and staff, dedicated to creating a peaceful environment in which each person is treated with unconditional positive regard and acceptance. To create such an environment, a non-violent perspective will be intentionally taught and all members of the community will strive to practice a non-violent lifestyle.

Within such an environment, each student will be empowered and inspired to reach his or her full academic, emotional, physical, and spiritual potential. Thus empowered and prepared, Community of Peace graduates will commit themselves to meet the challenges posed by life in the multicultural world of the 21st century with confidence, compassion, intelligence, and a positive regard for all."

Opened Fall, 1995

Awards & Recognition
2019: National and State School of Character

2016: Minnesota Charter School Innovation Award - Different and Innovative Teaching Methods

2016, 2011, 2012: School Finance Award - Minnesota Department of Education

2010: Gates Millennium Scholarship Awarded to PaChia Xiong, Community of Peace Academy class of 2010. (Awarded through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation);

2009: Bronze Medal, Best High Schools in America, US News and World Report;

2007: National Charter School of the Year, Center for Ed. Reform, Washington, DC;

2005: Named PeaceBuilder Model Site, Peace Partners, Inc.;

2004: One of top ten charter schools in Minnesota for highest % of budget spent on instruction (study by Education/Evolving through the Center for Policy Studies at Hamline University, St. Paul, MN);

2004: Featured in US Department of Education publication, Successful Charter Schools;

2003: National School of Character, Character Education Partnership, Washington DC

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