Charter School Board Governance Award Image

Charter School Board Governance Award


The MN Association of Charter Schools – Board Governance Award is designed to recognize charter school boards that have put in place the policies, procedures and practices that are fundamental to effective governance. As a criteria based award all MACS member charter school boards have the opportunity to receive the Award if they meet the award’s criteria.

There are SIX CRITERIA areas: 1] Foundational Documents, 2] Board Operations, 3] Policy Development, Implementation, and Evaluation, 4] Financial Oversight & Administrator and Program Evaluations, 5] Transparency and Accountability, and 6] Community Engagement and Advocacy.

Applications are evaluated on Five Measures:

  1. The Application is complete and accurate.
  2. The required Attachments to the Applications meet current legal requirements and standards.
  3. The required Information and Documents Posted on the School Website complete and accurate.
  4. The required On-site Portfolio of Documents are current, complete and meet legal requirements.
  5. The On-site Interviews confirm the accuracy of the information provided.