Educator Relicensure



On July 1, 2018, the Professional Education Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) started to issue NEW Tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 licenses via paper submission. 

During this time, while the RULES are being reviewed by the ALJ, the board will be issuing licenses by statute. 

The hope is to have the RULES voted on by August 1, and then the online submissions will possibly begin 60 days after, while the website is built. 

PELSB is asking for people to hold off on renewals until January 2019. The MACS Relicensure Committee will only handle renewals for Tier 3 and Tier 4 licenses. 

All 5-year teaching licenses that are current as of January 1, 2018 are extended for an additional year by state law. If you are an administrator with an expiring license in 2018, please contact Jake Sorensen,, to make a payment for your application. 

  • CHARTER SCHOOL TEACHERS: All teachers must have a valid, current Minnesota license in order to teach in a Minnesota charter school. Teachers must maintain and renew their professional license to meet state requirements and submit their renewal hours to a local continuing education/relicensure committee for approval.

  • CHARTER SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS: MN charter school administrators are not required to hold an administrative license. However, those with a license need to maintain and renew their professional license every five years with hours that have been pre-approved by the MN Board of School Administrators.

  • EARN CEUs:  MENTAL HEALTH ONLINE WORKSHOP: The Association offers an online workshop on “Understanding Key Warning Signs of Early Onset Mental Illness in Children And Adolescents.” Click here for details and/or registration.

All MN charter schools and authorizing institutions can access the services of the  MACS Relicensure Committee

For more information about the MACS Relicensure Process:

  1. Relicensure Submission Requirements and Forms 
  2. Meeting Dates, Submission Deadlines, and Review Process

2018-2019 Re-licensure Application Processing Fees:

  • $39.00 - Individuals employed in a MACS member school
  • $69.00 - Individuals employed in non-member charter schools
  • $69.00 - Teachers whose last place of employment in Minnesota was a charter school
  • $100.00 - Late Submission Fee - Applications received after final deadline of the year for submissions  (Late fee is in addition to the basic fee)

If you have questions after reading all materials contact Jake Sorensen, MACS Administrative Assistant, at