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Phoenix Academy of Art and Science

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Street Address 38460 Lincoln Trail
Suite 1
North Branch, MN 55056
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Phone 651-237-0656
Grades Served K-6
Enrollment # 113
District # 4253
Congressional District 32B
Legislative District 8
Authorizer Minnesota Guild of Public Charter Schools

Opened Fall of 2018.

Programmatic Focus

The Phoenix Academy teaching methods are guided by the philosophy of individualizing education to meet the needs of all students. The processes used to accomplish this are;

1. Data-Driven Decision Making (DDD): We use data about how a student is progressing to create individualized lessons based on that information.

2. Daily 5 for reading and Daily 3 for math: A research backed process that maximizes engagement and small group instruction with the teacher.

3. Mastery Learning: When students are not successful in a given lesson or unit, we re-teach and re-assess until students are successful.

4. Art Integration: Proven to reduce boredom, increase critical thinking, motivation and a variety of other 21st century skills.


Opened Fall 2018


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Mr. James Gagner, Director

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