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Educator Relicensure

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*As of July 1, all submissions will be reviewed at the Committee's September meeting. Date TBD

Teaching and Administrator Licenses & Renewals


  • Charter School Teachers

    All teachers must have a valid, current Minnesota license in order to teach in a Minnesota charter school. Every teacher is responsible to maintain and renew his/her professional license according to state rules and submit their renewal hours to a relicensure committee for approval.
  • Charter School Administrators

    MN charter school administrators are not required to hold an administrative license. However, an individual with an administrator license is responsible for renew her/his  professional license every five years with clock hours pre-approved by the MN Board of School Administrators.

The Association's Relicensure Committee handles renewals for Tier 3 and Tier 4 Educator and Administrator Licenses.

Personnel of all MN charter schools and authorizing institutions can access the services of the Association's Relicensure Committee. 

For more information about the Association's Relicensure Process:

  1. Relicensure Submission Requirements and Forms 
  2. Meeting Dates, Submission Deadlines, and Review Process

2020-21 Relicensure Application Processing Fees:

  • $35.00 - Individuals employed in a MACS member school.
  • $35.00 - Individuals who retired from a MACS member school within the last year.
  • $65.00 - Individuals employed in non-member charter schools. 
  • $65.00 - Teachers whose last place of employment in Minnesota was a charter school
  • $100.00 - Late Submission Fee - Applications received after final deadline of the year for submissions  (Late fee is in addition to the basic fee)

Pay Now – Member Schools Pay Now – Non-Member Schools


If you have questions after reading all the materials, contact Mike Swan, Operations & Communications Associate, at or at 651.789.3090 ext 3.

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