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Yinghua Academy - New Forms of Accountability for Schools

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Yinghua Academy - New Forms of Accountability for Schools Image

After taking time to reflect, the administration, faculty and staff at Yinghua Academy worried that students would regress in their Chinese language skills acquisition if they could not continue to practice and possibly advance these skills in high school and beyond.

Yinghua, which offers students the potential to learn Chinese beginning in their kindergarten year, offers direct Chinese immersion programming up to grade eight, and students wanted more.

As a result, the school developed a partnership with Minnesota Online High School which allows graduates of Yinghua’s programming, as well as students from other schools, who can demonstrate equitable language skills the opportunity to continue their immersive learning.

In preparation for the switch from in-school to online learning programming, Yinghua and Minnesota Online High School  developed an online summer camp, training students how to learn online.

Further, the schools now have three, “year-long online learning courses,” Advanced Chinese 1, 2 and 3, and these higher level courses also prepare students for the AP exam.

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