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Relicensure Committee Roster

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Relicensure Committee Roster Image

There are currently five teachers, one administrator and one community member currently serving on MACS's 7-member Relicensure Committee. Terms and positions are listed by each member's name below: 

Meagan Reissy, St. Paul City School (Teacher Seat A, 2020) Chairperson

Melissa Goldsworthy, DECS North Star Academy (Teacher Seat A, 2021) Member

Sadie Fischer, Community of Peace Academy (Teacher Seat B, 2021) Member

Heather Newman, Stonebridge World School (Teacher Seat B, 2020) Member

Byron Schwab, Community Member (Community Member, 2020) Member

Deana Siekman, World Learner School of Chaska (Administrator, 2020) Member

Virlen Tank, Minnesota Online High School (Teacher Seat C, 2021) Member

NOTE: Secretary position currently vacant

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