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Ridgeway Community School Ridgeway Community School

City: Ridgeway

Grades: PreK-5

Programmatic Focus: Rigorous multi-age education program provided in small classes with a strong wellness and community-service focus

Authorizer: Winona Area Public School District

River Grove Elementary Logo River Grove Elementary

City: Marine on St. Croix

Grades: K-6

Programmatic Focus: Place-based curriculum with a focus on the environment, history, arts and civics of the St. Croix Valley

Authorizer: Minnesota Guild of Public Charter Schools

Riverway Learning Community Logo Riverway Learning Community

City: Winona

Grades: PreK-12

Programmatic Focus: Multi-age, collaborative learning, community service, small class sizes, Montessori elementary, project-based high school

Authorizer: Osprey Wilds

Rochester Beacon Academy Logo Rochester Beacon Academy

City: Rochester

Grades: 6-12th

Authorizer: Minnesota Guild of Public Charter Schools

Rochester Math and Science Academy Logo Rochester Math and Science Academy

City: Rochester

Grades: K-8

Programmatic Focus: Immigrant population, multi-cultural, emphasis on reading, writing & math

Authorizer: Pillsbury United Communities

Rochester STEM Academy Logo Rochester STEM Academy

City: Rochester

Grades: 9-12

Programmatic Focus: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with emphasis on Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

Authorizer: Novation Education Opportunities (NEO)

Rochester Off-Campus Charter High School Rosa Parks Charter High School

City: Rochester

Grades: 9-12th

Programmatic Focus: At-risk youth, hybrid of teacher-led & project based learning, Teacher Powered

Authorizer: Minnesota Guild of Public Charter Schools

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